Jagannath is a form of Shri Krishna, the complete art avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu. Their one big temple is located in Puri city OF Odisha state. The name of this city is derived from Jagannath Puri to Puri. The Rath Yatra festival is also held here annually.
Orissa has semi-finished wooden sculptures of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra, which were built by King Indradyumna. ्

According to mythological beliefs, bathing is the birthday of Lord Jagannath on Purnama day. On this day, Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Balarama and sister Subhadra are taken off the Ratam throne and taken to a mandap near the temple. They are given a bath here. This bath is administered through 108 urns. According to the mythology, now Lord B becomes. His body starts to heat up. After this they are kept in a special class. Here God stays for 15 days.During this time only the principal servants and vaidyas of the temple are allowed to enter the lord's classroom. Apart from these, no one is allowed to go to special class. In the meantime, the worship of Lord Jagannath's representative, Alarnath, is installed and worship is started. After spending 15 days in a special room, when God comes out of the room, he gives darshan to the people. It is called Nav Yuvana Naitra Utsav. After this, Lord Jagannath comes out with sister Subhadra and elder brother Balra and goes out for a tour on his chariot.

Temple Establishment: -
This temple was established by King Indradyumna of Malwa. His father's name was India and mother's name was Sumati. According to mythology, the king once saw Lord Jagannath in a dream. In the dream God asked the king to find one of his idols in the cave of Nilinchal mountain and install the idol by building a temple. God called this idol as Neelmadhav. After this, the king along with his servant goes out to find the idol of God in the cave of Nilanchal mountain. One of the people who went out with the king was Vidyapati, a Brahmin. Vidyapati knew about the people of the Sabar clan who worship Neelmadhav.
Vidyapati also knew that the people of Sabar clan hide the statue of Lord Neelmadhav inside the cave. The head of this clan was a worshiper of Vishvavasu Bhagwan. However, the command of the chieftain was paramount to get the idol of God and the chief worshiper of God. He would not be ready to give the idol of God in any case. For this reason, Vidyapati cleverly married the chief's daughter. With his wife, Vidyapati managed to reach the cave where the idol of Bhagwan Nilamadhav was kept. Vidyapati stole the idol of Neelmadhav and handed it over to the king.
It is said that Vishwavasu was deeply hurt by the theft of his idol. Because of this, God also felt very sad that his worshiper is sad. For this reason Neelmadhav returned back to the cave and promised King Indradyumna that he would return to them one day but the king should build a temple for him. After this, the king asked the Lord to be seated by building a temple, but then God said that swim from Dwarka and bring a piece of big tree coming towards Puri. With this you make my idol. The king and his men immediately set out in search of a piece of tree. They found a piece of wood but were unable to pick it up. Then the king remembered Viswavasu, the head of the clan. The king enlisted the help of Vishvavasu. Vishwavasu brought the wood to the temple and then the idol of God was made.

According to legend,
   Once mother Yashoda, Devaki ji and her sister Subhadra came to Vrindavan from Dwarka. The queens present with him requested him to tell them about the child pastimes of Shri Krishna.
On this matter, Mother Yashoda and Devaki agreed to tell those queens. Kanha and Balaram do not listen to their words, that's why Mata Devaki's sister Subhadra started guarding the door outside.
Mother Yashoda started the saga of Krishna's pastimes and as she went on speaking, everyone became engrossed in her words. Subhadra herself forgot the idea of ​​guarding and started listening to her.
Meanwhile, both Krishna and Balarama came there and no one was aware of this, Subhadra was so engrossed that she did not know when Kanha and Balarama came there.
Both Lord Krishna and Bhai Balarama also started listening to their pastimes with mother Yashoda. Listening to his devils and actions, his hair started to grow, because of surprise the eyes grew bigger and the mouth remained open.At the same time, Subhadra herself also became so enchanted that love started melting in emotion. That is why he is the youngest in the Jagannath temple. All Krishna ji was listening to the leelas that meanwhile Narada Muni came here.Narada ji began to see the attitude of everyone that everyone realized that someone had arrived. Because of this, the text of Krishna Leela stopped here.
Narada ji, seeing the incarnation that fascinated the mind of Krishna ji, said, “Wow lord, you look so beautiful. When will you take avatar in this form? " At that time Krishna ji said that he would take such an avatar in Kali Yuga.
According to the promise, in Kali Yuga, Shri Krishna came in the dream of King Indradyumna and asked him to make his Deity in the trunk of a tree on the river side of Puri and later install it in the temple.
On the order of Shri Krishna, the king started looking for a qualified carpenter for this work. In a few days an old Brahmin found him and expressed his desire to make this Deity but this Brahmin placed a condition before the king that he would make this Deity in a closed room and no one would open the door of the room while he was working. So that work will be left unfinished.

Initially the voice of work came but after a few days the voice stopped coming from that room. The king wondered whether he would open the door and see it once. Something has happened to that old Brahmin.
In this concern, the king opened the door of that room one day. As soon as the door opened, he got an incomplete Deity in front. Then he realized that Brahmins were none other than Vishwakarma himself. He went against the condition and opened the door.
At that time Narada came to Muni and he told the king that just as God had said in dream to create this Deity, in the same way, to keep it incomplete, the door was also opened.
The king got those unfinished idols installed in the temple. This is the reason that in the temple of Jagannath Puri, there is no stone or other metal idol but an idol made using tree trunk is worshiped.

The idol of Shri Krishna, Subhadra and Balabhadra (Balarama) is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of this temple. It is said that Mata Subhadra was very much in love with her maternal grandfather, so to fulfill this wish, Shri Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra ji visited Dwarka in different chariots. Since then, every year Rath Yatra is carried out in Puri.

   Sick Lord Jagannath Swami will see the vaidya raja, the devotees will see after 16 days
4 years ago 
This sounds strange to hear, but it is true that Lord Jagannath Swami has been ill since Monday and now he will not give darshan to the devotees for 16 days. Not only this, Vaidyaraj will come every day to take stock of his illness so that God can get healed as soon as possible.

Actually according to the ancient tradition, every year from the Sudi Purnima of Jyeshtha month to Rathdoj, Lord Jagannath Swami gets sick. During this time he neither gives darshan to any devotee nor special poojas are recited. Pandit Narmada Prasad Garg, the priest of Jagdish Swamy temple located in Purana pond, said that he got absorbed in Shyan after Lord Jagannath Swami had a high fever since Monday morning. On Monday, Vaidyaraj was called and when he saw the pulse of God, he said that it was a fever. According to Vaidya, now God will have to rest for 16 days. Along with this, light food will be provided. In which Mangu Dal, porridge, khichdi will be offered. Along with this, herbs and decoction will be made as medicine. During this time, God will not give darshan to any devotee. On the day of Rathdose, on July 6, Lord Jagannath will come out on the day of Swami's Rath Yatra and visit the city and see his devotees. After this, they will reside in the house of the devotees for a few days. The priests say that in reality God does not fall ill, but it is being done according to ancient tradition.

Information about the temple: -
Spread over an area of ​​4 lakh square feet, this temple of Lord Jagannath is surrounded by the boundary wall and is one of the grand monument sites in India made using the Kalinga style temple architecture and crafts. The main structure of the temple is built on a 214-foot-high stone platform. Sculptures The inner sanctum houses statues of the main deities within it. Well, wonders are associated with many temples in India, but the wonders associated with Jagannath temple are very amazing. It is said that the direct does not need proof, anyone can see these wonders by visiting this temple of Lord Jagannath, but even after much efforts, still have not been exposed to these mysteries, some of these are as follows-
The flag flutches against the wind - The flag at the summit of the temple always waved in the opposite direction of the wind. Why this happens remains a mystery. Another amazing thing is associated with this flag is that it is changed everyday and the one who changes it reaches the flag by climbing upside down. It is believed that if the flag is not changed one day, then the gates of the temple will be closed for 18 years.
Sudarshan Chakra - At the summit of the temple is the Sudarshan Chakra made of Ashtadhatu. This cycle is also called the Neel Chakra and is considered very sacred. Its special thing is that if you look at this chakra from any direction from any corner, it seems as if its mouth is on your side.
World's Largest Kitchen - The kitchen located in the temple of Shri Jagannath is considered to be the largest kitchen in the world. Together, around 500 cooks and around 300 cooks prepare the offerings of God. For cooking the second prasad, 7 pots are placed on top of each other and the process of cooking prasad starts from the topmost vessel. In pottery, the prasad is cooked on wood itself. The prasad of the lowest vessel is finally cooked. Surprisingly too, the prasad never falls short in the temple and the prasad also ends as soon as the gates of the temple are closed.
Do not listen to the sound of the waves inside the temple - it will not be any less that you will feel that if you keep one step from the temple's lion gate, you will not hear the sound of the waves of the sea, especially in the evening you will experience this wonderful experience very well. Can feel. But as soon as you step out of the temple, you will hear the sound of waves clearly.
Do not kill the birds even above the temple - you must have heard the saying that without permission, Parinda cannot be killed even here, but in the Jagannath temple, this saying can be seen to be true. Do not pass over
There is no shadow of the upper part - it is a law of science that the shadow of whomever will be illuminated, regardless of the size, will be made small or big. But the upper part of the temple of Lord Jagannath challenges this law of science because at no time of the day does it reflect its shadow.
Here the flowing Ganges flows - often in the sea areas the wind moves from the sea to the earth during the day when it changes its position in the evening, it starts flowing from the earth towards the sea but here Lord Jagannath's Maya turns it upside down Gives and air flows from the earth to the sea in the day and from the sea to the earth in the evening.

Death of Lord Krishna: -
This secret of Krishna's death is present in Jagannath temple:-
It is said that whoever comes here with a true heart and asks for his vow at the feet of God, it will surely be fulfilled. A legend associated with the Jagannath temple makes it more mysterious.
Mystery is a word that remains intact from the creation of this creation till today and will probably last as long as this world remains. It is said that if everything is believed then everything is a mystery, because all the activities from its creation to the termination are according to the nature of nature and nature itself is the biggest mystery.
One such mystery is associated with an ancient and famous pilgrimage of India. Jagannath Puri is one of the four shrines of Hinduism and is enshrined in Lord Vishnu. It is said that whoever comes here with a true heart and asks for his vow at the feet of God, it will surely be fulfilled. A legend associated with the Jagannath temple makes it more mysterious.
It is strongly believed by the people that inside the idol of Lord Jagannath in the temple is the abode of Brahmaji. When Shri Krishna incarnated on earth, his powers were supernatural, but the body was human, which was mortal.
When his period of Leela was completed on earth, he left his body and went to Swadham. The Pandavas cremated his body. During this, his heart kept burning with fire.
The Pandavas made it flow into the water. Then it transformed into a log. This stilt got to King Indradyumna. He had faith in Lord Jagannath. They brought him and installed him inside the idol of Lord Jagannath. She has been here since then. Though the idol of God is changed after 12 years, but the log is unchanged.
Another interesting thing associated with this log is that even the priests of the temple have not seen it. When the idol is converted, they blindfold and the hands are covered with cloth.
Priests are neither able to see nor touch it. According to him, it is very soft. Anyone who sees it, his life is in danger and he may even die.

Perfect time to visit Jagannath Puri:-
June to March is the best time to visit Jagannath Puri. The first and most important reason is that the world famous Rath Yatra is mostly celebrated in the month of July. Other festivals are also celebrated with great reverence at this time of the year. Apart from this, the weather also remains fine.
The best time to visit Puri is from October to March. Must bring light cotton in hot weather and warm clothes in winter season. If you also want to see Lord Jagannath's Rath Yatra during Puri tour then come in June-July.
This holy city receives light or heavy rainfall during the monsoon. According to the intense summer, the monsoon clouds rain over the city in the month of June and continue till October. Puri is highly recommended during the monsoon due to the beautiful weather.
The winter-winter season starts in November and lasts till February. During this season, the atmosphere becomes cold and the temperature is between 10 and 18 degrees Celsius. This weather is suitable for picnics and other tourist activities. Tourists must carry light woolen clothes during their visit to Puri in winter.

After seeing Jagannath temple: -
  Do visit this temple after seeing Jagannath Puri, otherwise your journey will be incomplete
Temples have great importance in Hinduism. The Sakshi Gopal temple is built just 15 kilometers from Jagannath Puri. The temple is located near the famous city of Puri in the Odisha province. Sakshi Gopal Temple is very famous. People believe about the temple that the devotee who comes to visit Jagannath Swami in Puri, his journey will be complete only when the person visits the Sakshi Gopal temple. Whoever visits Shraddhalu Puri and sees Jagannath Swami, after that, he definitely goes to the temple to offer his forehead. Before Sakshi Gopal's darshan, every devotee takes a bath in the sandal lake near the temple and only then darshan.

Story of Sakshi Gopal Temple: -
A wealthy Brahmin was at the last stage of his age. Then he thought to go on a pilgrimage and he started to go to Vrindavan. Then a poor Brahmin boy started walking with him. This is the time when pilgrimage trips had to be done on foot and you had to make arrangements for food and drink yourself. When both of them left for the journey, the poor boy took very good care of that bourgeois Brahmin. Pleased with the service of that boy, in the Gopal temple of Vrindavan, that Brahmin confirmed his daughter's relationship with that poor boy and also promised to go back and complete this task.
When both of them were returning from Puri, the Brahmin boy reminded the elderly Brahmin boy in front of Lord Gopalji. The family did not agree to this relationship when the Brahmin told this at his home and was very disrespectful to that poor boy. Unhappy and unhappy with the promise, the boy went to Pachayant, and the Panchas asked for proof. The boy said that Gopal Bhagwan was present there at the time of the promise of marriage. Punches also provoked laughter with this thing of the poor boy. To prove his truth, the boy then reached Vrindavan. On reaching here, he told his whole pain story to Lord Gopal ji and pleaded with folded hands that now you can go with me and explain the whole thing to the panchayat.
Seeing this faith of that poor boy, Gopal ji was very happy and prepared to become his witness. Gopal ji told the boy that you will walk forward and I will follow you and the sound of my fangs will continue to come to your ears. Don't look back during this time, otherwise I will be st to go on
able there. The boy agreed and both started towards Puri. On the go, when he reached Pulalsa, the nearest village of Attak, the sandla road started but the sound of the ghungroos stopped due to the sandy road. Then the boy turned back and looked at Gopal ji and stood there. Seeing the stability of his God, that boy got upset but Lord Ji told that boy that you are not disturbed and go and bring the panchayat here. The poor boy went and brought the panchayat where Gopal Ji was standing. On coming to the panchayat, Gopal ji told all that the rich Brahmin had said to that poor boy. On becoming a witness of Lord Gopal ji, the poor boy was married to a girl from a rich Brahmin and Lord Gopal settled there.
Since then, the Sakshi Gopal temple has been built in his memory till today. It is a witness that the devotees trust their God. God also supports them in times of crisis and lifts them by giving their hands. After this, after visiting Jagannath Puri, it is considered important to visit here.

Sakshi Gopal Mandir

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